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V-Masks is the result of the ingenuity of our parent company NicoNat Manufacturing Corporation (NN). Located in Commerce, CA., NN is an independent manufacturing firm, that specializes in high end custom  store fixtures, architectural elements, and furniture for retailers, restaurants, hotels and interior designers.

Pursuant to the national emergency the pandemic has caused, in order to help our nation, the Niconat team were able to merge and alter our state of the art manufacturing (laser, upholstery, etc.) into a full blown mask manufacturing facility. After researching the best materials, our design and build team came up with a cost effective solution by creating the V-Masks. Using our high end laser cutting machines we are able to make our cloth masks more individually comfortable to use. What separates our masks from others on the market includes placing a metal pinch which bends to clamp around each individual's nose wearing our mask. Also the ability to hand wash and reuse a  ‘personal’ mask that fits your face and nose.

The NN & V-Mask Team urge you to Be Safe Be Safe To Others (TM).

Stay Safe - Wear a Mask 
The V-Mask Team

V-Masks by Niconat
2426 Yates Avenue
Commerce, CA 90040

Phone : (323) 721-1900
Email: info@vmasks.co

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